My Vow Renewal In Kauai, Hawaii.


Are you considering a destination wedding or vow renewal. I have first hand experience in this area.  In 2015, my husband decided to take me to Hawaii for our fifth wedding anniversary. I was so excited and immediately started the search for the perfect romantic getaway. We spent hours looking at travel websites. We had spent our first honeymoon in Kauai and both of us assumed the other would want to explore a different island. After months of searching, we both admitted we wanted to return to our honeymoon cottage and the black sandy beaches of Waimea Plantation Cottages . I was so excited at the thought of returning to this special place. It was exciting to know we would be sharing the same little cottage as we had five years ago, but this time we really knew each other as husband and wife.

We booked our trip in February and over the next 10 months, I schemed and plotted a very special surprise gift of my own. My husband had no idea of the surprise I had waiting for him. I had purchased a sexy white dress, hired a Reverend Christine Kube , Bonita Henslely and videographer. I had arranged for us to renew our vows on the beach at sunset.

Months prior to our trip, I had a boudoir photo shoot with  Tracy Grant Photography in Oroville CA.  I used the pictures in a sexy slide show that professed my undying love and in the end a marriage proposal. During our first evening at the resort and after a couple of glasses of champagne, I presented the slide show to him. He was truly ah struck. He said he was honored that I had went to so much trouble. He could not wait to marry me…. again.

The ceremony was even more beautiful than the first time. We had experienced five years of amazing love and joy, but also the heartache and pain that often comes from trying to blend two families. As I looked into my husband’s eyes, the Hawaiian sun setting behind us, I knew that he loved me unconditionally then, now, and always.

If you are planning a destination wedding, vow renewal, or honeymoon, I am here to assist you with all of the details.



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