Fresh, Fabulous, and Flirty at FIFTY

I recently “celebrated” my fiftieth birthday.  The celebration was a quiet dinner at home with my love and it was followed by, “It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to.”

My sentiments about turning 50.

During the days and weeks that followed, I found myself feeling a new sense of dedication to being the best me I can be. I began looking at areas of my life where I could do better. One of those areas was my messy closet.   I thought to myself, “What is a girl to do but spend endless hours on Pinterest to fix the problem.” My quest to find the perfect solution made me realize it was time to purge, organize, and plan my new fresh, fabulous, flirty, at fifty wardrobe. So the journey begins. Out with the old and in  with the new.

"Go Get Em Tiger" by chanelsaliah ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Hudson Jeans, Mexx, ALDO, Dorothy Perkins, Michael Kors, AllSaints, women's clothing, women, female and woman:

I love this website!


In the process of trying to figure out what a fresh, fabulous, flirty, at fifty wardrobe looks like, I discovered this great website .  It is like having your own personal stylist except there are hundreds of people putting together hundreds of outfits. All of the clothes are available for purchase through various online stores. You should try it!

Well the journey has just started and I am exhausted. I cleaned, purged, and organized for over four hours today.  Stay tuned to see what pieces I put together to create my  fresh, flirty, fabulous at fifty wardrobe.

XOXOXO Sending hugs and wishes and all that comes with living “the good life.”

Au reviour







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