The Perfect Place for Some “Me” Time.

I met my husband, Marc Noel, six and half years ago.  Building a life together has been an amazing journey filled with overwhelming joys and challenges.473361_2552847880101_725493978_o

One of the hardest challenges for me, has been living in a home filled with memories from a life that I was not a part of. The house we live in. is the house my husband built during his first marriage.  After living here for five years, I still struggle to feel at home.

So, my challenge for all of you is to help me find my place as the lady of the house.  There is  a sitting room right off the entryway that nobody uses except our two cats.  I have decided to claim this room for some “Me” time.

image (2)

It has some beautiful qualities such as the dark hardwood floors, high ceilings, and a cathedral window that bathes the room in soft evening light and offers beautiful views of Table Mountain.image (7)

I would appreciate your assistance in helping me turn this room into a perfect place for some “Me” time. Please comment or post pictures or links of your decorating ideas. Keep in mind, I am a girl on a budget as I really LOVE to travel. I look forward to hearing from you.

XOXOXO …….Leaving you with hugs and wishes and all things that come with living the “Good Life.”

Au Revoir



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