When I See You Smile…..


Anyone who knows my husband, knows there are a few things that he feels passionate about; baseball, Husker football, and his children. Since Reis was old enough to hold a ball and a glove he has played baseball.


Over the years, if there was a game or a practice, you could find my husband either coaching the team or watching intently from behind home plate.


This year marked the end of an era. Reis played his last high school baseball game…..

reis baseball

Attended his Senior Prom and graduated from Oroville High School.


As a stepmother, the times I found most endearing were the times I saw my husband’s heart swell with pride and his eyes well with tears as he watched his son transforming from a boy to a young man. It has been an honor to watch the love between a father and son and the journey to adulthood. I dedicate this post to Marc and Reis and just know that I will cherish all the moments when I watched from afar just  to see you smile.IMG_0222


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