Fresh, Fabulous, and Flirty at Fifty…… Continued.


Earlier in the year, I wrote a post in honor of my fiftieth birthday. I discussed purging and updating my wardrobe. I had read somewhere if you lay out your wardrobe, your style will jump out at you.  As I pulled everything out of my closet, I discovered a dark collage of blacks, greys, and browns. Yuk…. My eyes were drawn to the multiple high necked, sleeveless tops with embellished necklines. The rest was a bore and I said to myself, “What happened to me?” Where was the excitement? Where was the color? Being fifty and a little overweight does not mean one should hide under dark, drab clothes.  I made a list of fashionable, colorful looks and went shopping.

After my shopping spree, I laid out my new wardrobe. I found multiple sleeveless high neck tops with embellished necklines……. I can’t help myself. I also discovered my fashion color crush came in different shades of coral, mint green, blue, and pink.  My new wardrobe had pieces that could be mixed and matched with other pieces to create multiple looks. The rule I followed to accomplish this was to pick a blouse or jacket in a print and choose a color from the print to play up with a solid colored jacket, accessories, and or shoes. I could not wait to try out my looks. Getting ready for work was actually fun!

Lately, I am feeling a little bored with my look. I think it is time to lay my clothes out,  purge, make a list, and go shopping! I will look for pieces I can mix and match to my existing outfits, but I would also like to add some new colors to my fashion color palette. In addition to soft, comfy, oversized sweaters,leather boots, and the quintessential trench coat,  I will be looking for vibrant jewel tone shades  in luxurious rich textures that pair well with gold and silver accessories. After all, the holidays are right around the corner. Oh and I can’t forget  a few more sleeveless blouses with embellished collars.


I have started a little window shopping at my friend ‘s, Heather Lindstrum, online boutique. Visit

for all of your fashion, home interior, spa, and travel  crushes. While you are there, check out Heather’s travel concierge services at


 XOXOXO …….Leaving you with hugs and wishes and all things that come with living the “Good Life.”

Au Revoir








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