Romance in the City by the Bay


Are you thinking of booking a vacation in the City by the Bay. Book a romantic night on the Barkissmo, a floating oasis right in the heart of San Francisco Bay. This classic 80’ yacht has the power to transform your getaway or vacation into a truly mesmerizing event.

After a night on the Barkissmo, we rented an elegant apartment from VRBO  in Sausalito.  Sausalito is a small community located about five miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. I prefer to stay in small quaint little towns like Sausalito. I find the small town atmosphere to be more personal and romantic. Sausalito was the perfect place for love, romance, and couple time for me and my Love.

My hubby grew up in the East Bay, so he was my personal tour guide on this trip. We explored the city and went to places such as Fisherman’s Wharf, Palace of Fine Arts, Telegraph Hill, and The Science Exploratorium. We took a ferry across the bay and attended an A’s game with front row seats. .


In addition to all the fun we had, we ate some of the most amazing food I had ever tasted. The first night we ate at Michelangelo’s Café. We met the owner and head chef. He gave us  a secret tip for making gnocchi, “You have to be gentle with the touch, the way you would touch a women.” LOL, well he must be a man of many talents and the gnocchi was to die for. I gave this restaurant five stars for service, food, and atmosphere.

After an amazing week together, it was not possible for me to leave my heart in San Francisco, as my Love had captured my heart all over again. Do you need a spark to relight your love life? Consider a romantic getaway to the City by the Bay, I am here to assist you with all the details.




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