Just call me GB

Welcome to my world….. I am Sherrie Noel ( AKA  GB, my hubby’s nickname for me…. short for gorgeous blonde). I am excited at the idea of sharing my life experiences and hobbies in the world of blogging.  It is such a great way to reflect, indulge, and vent some of my creative juices. I created an educational blog a few years ago, while working as a SPED teacher and intern through  Chico State University. It was a great tool to store resources and save teaching techniques to my teaching tool belt. Since marrying my husband five years ago, my life and interests have changed. While I am still a teacher,  my husband  Marc has exposed me to many new firsts….. I look forward to documenting our life together and sharing my new found love and  interests in travel, fine dining, health, cooking, home decor, and of course romance and love. I already feel inspired to dive in to each of these, so I can share and learn from all of you. So grab a cold drink and join me in the indulgence of “the good life .”



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